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Residential Transactions

We have handled thousands of residential closing and title examinations in Massachusetts for banks, mortgage lenders and brokers, and individuals.

Services we provide include:

Seller Services

  • Review real estate broker agreements and offer to purchase
  • Negotiate and prepare the purchase and sale agreement
  • Resolve issues which may arise during the pendency of the sale.
  • Resolve any title issues that come up in the examination of a property’s title.
  • Prepare the deed and any other necessary document for recording at the Registry of Deeds
  • Review all closing documents and explain their meaning to you
  • Representation at the closing

Buyer Services

  • Negotiate and prepare the offer to purchase and purchase and sale agreement
  • Handle issues that may arise before closing
  • Review all closing and loan documents
  • Represent you at the closing
  • Preparation of Declaration of Homestead
  • Retitle property into the name of your trust, if applicable